Streets Ahead (Dirty)

from by Jesal

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"STREETS AHEAD" – by Jesal

DJ I'm the best Young Asian, all guns blazin'
Ain't no question when Jay Soul in session
Fellas lose breath, son, honeys move chests and
My dub plate makes the club procreate
No need to wait for the next hit, my guest spit's
The best bit, the rest shit in comparison
Damaging all contenders to the throne
Only one can be Ruler, the King's home to sow
My wild oats in tik chicks throats if they thirsty
First we take care of business, no mercy
Displayed, so play this, believe it when Jay spits
All my great hits tattooed on your playlist
Pray you don't awaken my competitive streak
Competitors weak with forgettable speak
Settle this beef with other dudes in one bar
You brothers ain't shit, still drive your Mum's car
Me? I've come far, this son's a star
Of the future, change the game like Kama Sutra

Jay Soul, Jay Soul that's the name
And he's Streets Ahead
All of y'all be something lame
And he be the best

Your boys get annoyed when you start to flow
They wanna hear me in your car, for sure
If your girlfriend finding it hard to blow
Put me on in the background, she's back down for more
My track sounds raw, that's the reason that you've
Made Jay Soul the Genius sound track to your crew
My flow legendary - leaves browns black and blue
Never secondary, gimme my crown back, you fool
It true, its me your chick wishes she'd met
...Even though I ain't as Rich as Richie yet
Let's move the focus of this genial opus
Away from the hopeless MCs, you're jokers
Its treason, quickly dismissed from the crease, son
I tease 'em, take their tik misses and please 'em
Strawberry penis cos they suck like sheeshas
Dress 'em in saris, their asses the meanest
Like threesomes in Beemers you can't beat more
You ain't never felt a rapper like this be-fore


Jay Soul ain't no player - more the Manager
F-A-B-I-O, or else I'll damage ya
Next thing, iPhone hums your girl's number
But she not satisfied, wants to catch a ride
So we vacate the club with a crate of dub plates
Subs vibrate the thugs race with bass
Me and your lady on our ways to Chez Jay's
For a couple of days of bathtub, backrub and icetrays
Deep parlays while B.Marley plays
No pressure over base, let pleasure take place
While we argue over Holly or Bollywood pirate DVDs
From Far East - I wanna piece of Aishwaria
I make rupees with consummate ease
But exchange rate ain't great -> needs more fees
Play a set at the club and the circle completes
Serial monogamy's a guaranteed please



from Streets Ahead - EP, released February 1, 2011
All music and lyrics by Jesal.
Chorus sung by Noha.
Track mastered by Joe Fields.



all rights reserved


Jesal London, UK

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